Monday, December 12, 2011

Tofu Redo

Some of you may remember our first attempt at tofu a couple months back with the oh so fabulous tofu tacos. The idea was on point, but the execution failed miserably. It was our very first attempt at tofu and it was evident. One of my good friends whose a veg made some for me  awhile back so I know they can be good. Maybe one day I'll get it right.

Well, despite the epic fail, we weren't too afraid to give it a try again. We didn't do mexican food this time. (If anything we avoided it.) We took the asian route instead. And might I say, we did good! Not to boast or anything.

Tofu stirfry is what we decided on and it was 100 times better than the taco attempt. We both scarfed down our plates and agreed to have it again tonight. Yes, we are dinner repeaters. And I will admit...sometimes I'm an outfit repeater. Maybe tonight I'll wear the same outfit I wore yesterday so it will be a double repeat offense. If only I could remember what I wore yesterday...

The reason we are eating so much tofu right now is because Andrew and I are on a fast. A 40 day fast that started before Thanksgiving and lasts until the 28th of December. WHEN WE LEAVE FOR AFRICA! Everyone going on the trip was encouraged to spend the 40 days leading up to the trip (replica of Jesus fasting for 40 days...except I don't think he ate anything!) fasting and praying for God to work miracles, work through us for His will, and prepare our hearts for serving and leading. 

We chose to do the Daniel Fast. Daniel was a servant and prophet of God in the old testament. Whenever he fasted and prayed to God he always refrained from the wealthy/rich/king's food and ate only plant based foods. Nothing pleasing to the mouth or body and 3 times a day got on his knees and prayed. Not eating meat was not a big deal for was the coffee, chocolate, sweets, bread, and cheese that have gotten me. I live and breathe off of those 5 food groups. (Yes, they are food groups to me.) For the first week I had headaches and never felt like I was full no matter how much I ate. 

Have you ever done the Daniel Fast? I'd love ideas for creative food recipes.

Stuff we already do a lot of...

Oatmeal made with unsweetened soy milk, fruit, cinnamon, and raisins
Rice cakes with all natural peanut butter and raisins
Mixed nuts
Whole wheat pasta and tomato veggie sauces
Veggies and hummus
Natural popcorn
Pure fruit smoothies

Just a few of the recipes I have booked marked to try....

Chunky Balsamic Apples
Vegan Tortilla Soup
The Burger 

Call me crazy but we've been eating this way for so long now it's kind of growing one me. Except I'd add coffee to it. :)

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