Monday, July 2, 2012

The Beginning


You'd think that since I don't have a job yet that I'd have time to update you guys on our life here, but things have surprisingly kept me busy this last month.  When I first filled out our family calendar, this is what it looked like:

But as each new day approached, it has been filled with house organization, cleaning, errands, job hunting, filling out job applications, taking Kyzer to the park, and last minute hang outs with some of our new friends.  

This first month has been a fun blur. Fun because we've gotten to meet a lot of great people, join an awesome church, explore our mountainous side of town, and make big kid decisions. But a blur because I can't believe we've already lived here a month! Actually it feels like 6 months with all the changes we've gone through. 

We had to start budgeting. Womp!

We bought a car. A CAR! Who are we?? Adults?!

Andrew's 2012 Mazda 3
Now that we live in a legit house, there's much more responsibilities that we didn't even think about before moving. Hint: a yard! And not only do we have lawn work, we have a beast of a lawn. 

The first time Andrew cut the grass he had to split up the work into two days. And considering this has been the weather lately:

he's only had to cut it once since being here. Thank goodness. But I like having a large lawn for this guy:

AND because it leaves room for a lot of creativity. My dream is to eventually have a small garden of my own and I love that I have the space to do it. There's even a plot already established that a previous owner used as a garden.  But until then, I'm enjoying some of the plants that were already growing in the backyard.

except Kyzer has eaten almost all the flowers :/

Andrew loves his job! He says he feels like a secret agent. He has a badge that he has to wear around his neck at all times and to get access into the building. He gets to work with very important clients building high security mobile apps.  I'm just so grateful he comes home everyday happy! He may be tired (it took him some time getting used to the long hours), but he's satisfied with the work that makes him tired. 

about to walk in on his first day! :)

We still have so much to share with you! I just didn't want to overwhelm you today. :)

In summary: we are very happy, Andrew loves his job, I am still looking for a job (please pray for me!), we love where we live, we can't believe we are adults, and we are grateful for God's kingdom.

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