Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Death in the Family

So after a wonderful weekend of celebrating in Nashville, the drive home wasn't so celebratorious. Yes. I made that word up. Andrew's love-hate relationship with his car finally came to and end. The poor thing was like the little engine that couldn't. We were just a mile and half from being at the top of the mountain when the engine crashed.

So we called a tow truck. Unlucky for us, EVERYTHING in Tennessee related to car shops are closed on Sundays. So our towing guy decided he wanted our undriveable car (yes I made that word up too) for $100. Let's just say 10 minutes later Andrew and I were sitting in a Cracker Barrel parking lot in South Pitsburg, TN with all we had on us against the curb. 

We made a to-go order and enjoyed a meal in the parking lot as we waited for my parents to drive over an hour get us. I have the best parents in the world!! But we eventually made it home in good spirits and safe. Things could have been a lot worse. 

Now we are learning to live with one car. It's only been two days and it's been hard. Not a bad hard as in we are complaining or we can't function. We are getting along just fine. But changing a mindset we are used to having is not so easy. We are having to completely change the way we think about spending our days. I used to run my errands, go grocery shopping, and visit people while Andrew was gone at school and work. That doesn't work anymore. We feel completely blessed and so grateful to still have one car. I've been clinging to the scripture "be content with what you have" in other areas and now I'm applying it to this. Not only are we learning about true gratitude, but also complete oneness through sharing everything. 

RIP Camry 9/25/11

You will partially be missed.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nashville Bound

T-minus 2 days til in Nashville, TN!!!

Line dancing. Cowboy boots. 

Lots of good food. Best friends. Family. Celebrating. Marriage. Mr. and Mrs. Casey Cox. I'm so stinkin' excited!! Nashville here we come! 
Sorry for the lack of updating our blog. I'm so busy looking at other peoples' blogs that I forget to update my own! I'm so addicted to pinterest right now. I'm addicting to looking at peoples' pins, finding my own pins, and finding the next cool blog. Who am I turning into!? Sure it's sucking my time up but through this disgusting addiction I've learned a lot of new recipes and crafty ideas. If anything I'm becoming a better person. Buh! Who am I kidding...

So we had our first football home game a few weeks ago. GO DAWGS! Hadn't cheered those words in a while but it was good to be back at the game again. It was definitely different without our typical group of tailgating/Georgia football-watching friends. We are so happy our friends have moved on and gotten jobs and are succeeding but...seriously....at least come back and go to the games with us!! Needless to say we didn't go to the next home game. It wasn't worth it.

Andrew started a job! Yay for some income!! God really has blessed us in the beginning of our marriage. This job showed up out of no where and pays so well. He gets to work everyday so it keeps him active and he loves what he's doing. Technical Support Adviser....or something along those lines is his title. He's considered faculty at Athens Tech, had his first faculty meeting today with all the professors, and has the power to literally kick anyone out of the school with the click of a button. 

He's still mad at me that I won't let him get a dog right now. I WANT ONE TOO! So badly. I want this one....

....a Labradoodle. He wants this one....

....an Alaskan Malamute. Or this one....

....a Weimaraner.
I wouldn't mind any of them. Just in a year or so. :) So we settled. For this....

A bird feeder. Andrew made it himself. There's two of them and we've yet to see a bird eat from either. It's ok. We're the new kids on the block. We'll give the birds a couple weeks to find us.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Engagements. Marriages. Best Friends

18 days until Casey Cox and Brittany Mehring finally get married! After like 7 years they finally realize they are meant to be together. Their engagement photos are finally posted and I'm obsessed. So obsessed. I'm so happy for them and can't wait to be traveling to Nashville so soon to celebrate. Pictures will definitely come later.

Now this is for you Frenchy....Lauren's engagement throw-down!! AHHH! So not only is one of my best friends getting married this month but another just got engaged.  Andrew and I were so excited to be apart of the whole day with her and Zach.  

Now I know all the stress my friends had lying and pretending during the week I was getting engaged. It was hard and I didn't even see her everyday!! I had to pretend that I had no idea about the upcoming braves game (when Zach had already given us the tickets and parking pass the week before) and convince Andrew how fun it would be to go. The good thing about Lauren....she's the most gullible, believing, unobservant, and oblivious person I know. 

We started the date at an awesome new burger place in Atlanta with her and Zach, and Carly and her date. Flip Burger. SO GOOD! Gourmet burgers. The whole night was so awkward because everyone on the date had a secret and was avoiding something so we felt we couldn't really talk at all. I mean we talked. But it wasn't as casual and easy to do as it would have been with out this HUGE secret looming over us. 

So we finally make it to the Brave's game. 3 innings late. 

So Andrew and I were the chosen ones to "have" to leave the game early because we had a long drive back and Andrew was really tired from having 8 ams all week. The whole game he had to pretend like he was tired to be convincing. "I'm so exhausted from trying to be tired."-Andrew

But it worked. We said our goodbyes, gave one last yawn, and then we ran to the car. Angels were with us all night. As we were driving on the interstate (speeding most likely because we were hurrying), a tent fell of off a car in front of us. We somehow made it out not in an accident nor anyone else behind us. And when we were trying to get back into the complex...the call box wasn't working and a nice gentlemen who lived pulled up next to us and gave us his key to get in. God wanted this to happen! I'm convinced that man was an angel.

We helped Lo Yo set up the scene down by the river at their apartment. Which by the way is stunning. I wish I had scenery like that right by my place. We thought we weren't going to get it all set up in time because the game let out SO MUCH EARLIER than expected and people kept getting in the way and asking us questions.

So as Zach was walking her down to the dock, a couple told them, "Hey, you can't go down there, someone told us there is about to be an engagement there." HAHAHAHA. So to divert her, he started taking her another direction which was well....our direction. Right where we were "hiding." All we could do was cover our faces and hope that since we couldn't see her she wouldn't be able to see us fully exposed just sitting on some stairs. Luckily Zach saw us before she did and then I guess decided that was a good moment to just let her know it was here that was getting engaged. So they made their way to the deck where all else is self explanatory.

Down on one knee!! YAY!

And what she's been waiting for....for several months....

A kiss! Oh yea, a ring too :)

I'm so happy for them and can't wait to begin this journey towards their marriage. I knew this day would come from the first moment they liked each other. They are a perfect match. So we celebrated the night away with champagne, wedding magazines, and exchanging stories of how the moment finally came to happen. 

Lying, speeding, not even getting to see the Brave's game, and getting home at 2:30 in the morning was so worth it.
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