Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Engagements. Marriages. Best Friends

18 days until Casey Cox and Brittany Mehring finally get married! After like 7 years they finally realize they are meant to be together. Their engagement photos are finally posted and I'm obsessed. So obsessed. I'm so happy for them and can't wait to be traveling to Nashville so soon to celebrate. Pictures will definitely come later.

Now this is for you Frenchy....Lauren's engagement throw-down!! AHHH! So not only is one of my best friends getting married this month but another just got engaged.  Andrew and I were so excited to be apart of the whole day with her and Zach.  

Now I know all the stress my friends had lying and pretending during the week I was getting engaged. It was hard and I didn't even see her everyday!! I had to pretend that I had no idea about the upcoming braves game (when Zach had already given us the tickets and parking pass the week before) and convince Andrew how fun it would be to go. The good thing about Lauren....she's the most gullible, believing, unobservant, and oblivious person I know. 

We started the date at an awesome new burger place in Atlanta with her and Zach, and Carly and her date. Flip Burger. SO GOOD! Gourmet burgers. The whole night was so awkward because everyone on the date had a secret and was avoiding something so we felt we couldn't really talk at all. I mean we talked. But it wasn't as casual and easy to do as it would have been with out this HUGE secret looming over us. 

So we finally make it to the Brave's game. 3 innings late. 

So Andrew and I were the chosen ones to "have" to leave the game early because we had a long drive back and Andrew was really tired from having 8 ams all week. The whole game he had to pretend like he was tired to be convincing. "I'm so exhausted from trying to be tired."-Andrew

But it worked. We said our goodbyes, gave one last yawn, and then we ran to the car. Angels were with us all night. As we were driving on the interstate (speeding most likely because we were hurrying), a tent fell of off a car in front of us. We somehow made it out not in an accident nor anyone else behind us. And when we were trying to get back into the complex...the call box wasn't working and a nice gentlemen who lived pulled up next to us and gave us his key to get in. God wanted this to happen! I'm convinced that man was an angel.

We helped Lo Yo set up the scene down by the river at their apartment. Which by the way is stunning. I wish I had scenery like that right by my place. We thought we weren't going to get it all set up in time because the game let out SO MUCH EARLIER than expected and people kept getting in the way and asking us questions.

So as Zach was walking her down to the dock, a couple told them, "Hey, you can't go down there, someone told us there is about to be an engagement there." HAHAHAHA. So to divert her, he started taking her another direction which was well....our direction. Right where we were "hiding." All we could do was cover our faces and hope that since we couldn't see her she wouldn't be able to see us fully exposed just sitting on some stairs. Luckily Zach saw us before she did and then I guess decided that was a good moment to just let her know it was here that was getting engaged. So they made their way to the deck where all else is self explanatory.

Down on one knee!! YAY!

And what she's been waiting for....for several months....

A kiss! Oh yea, a ring too :)

I'm so happy for them and can't wait to begin this journey towards their marriage. I knew this day would come from the first moment they liked each other. They are a perfect match. So we celebrated the night away with champagne, wedding magazines, and exchanging stories of how the moment finally came to happen. 

Lying, speeding, not even getting to see the Brave's game, and getting home at 2:30 in the morning was so worth it.

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  1. HAHAHA i just now saw this. You didn't tell me about the tent! I'm glad you were ok. And I'm SOOOO happy you both were there for it :) It wouldnt have been the same without you both there. Looking back on the night cracks me up. It is so true.. the talking wasnt as casual as it usual is. I really thought you both were just tired hahaha! i am so gullible. I love you and this blog!!


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