Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Death in the Family

So after a wonderful weekend of celebrating in Nashville, the drive home wasn't so celebratorious. Yes. I made that word up. Andrew's love-hate relationship with his car finally came to and end. The poor thing was like the little engine that couldn't. We were just a mile and half from being at the top of the mountain when the engine crashed.

So we called a tow truck. Unlucky for us, EVERYTHING in Tennessee related to car shops are closed on Sundays. So our towing guy decided he wanted our undriveable car (yes I made that word up too) for $100. Let's just say 10 minutes later Andrew and I were sitting in a Cracker Barrel parking lot in South Pitsburg, TN with all we had on us against the curb. 

We made a to-go order and enjoyed a meal in the parking lot as we waited for my parents to drive over an hour get us. I have the best parents in the world!! But we eventually made it home in good spirits and safe. Things could have been a lot worse. 

Now we are learning to live with one car. It's only been two days and it's been hard. Not a bad hard as in we are complaining or we can't function. We are getting along just fine. But changing a mindset we are used to having is not so easy. We are having to completely change the way we think about spending our days. I used to run my errands, go grocery shopping, and visit people while Andrew was gone at school and work. That doesn't work anymore. We feel completely blessed and so grateful to still have one car. I've been clinging to the scripture "be content with what you have" in other areas and now I'm applying it to this. Not only are we learning about true gratitude, but also complete oneness through sharing everything. 

RIP Camry 9/25/11

You will partially be missed.

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