Friday, October 28, 2011

October Ups and Downs

October is a long month. 31 days if you hadn't been keeping track. That leaves a lot of room for things to happen. And oh did "things" happen to us this month. You may have noticed that I haven't updated the blog since earlier in the month. My mind and self have been lost in so many things this. I'm not going to bore you with the stories of the bad things because God has taken care of them and there is no need to complain. 

In short, my car = dead transmission. Andrew and I = car-less for over a week, super stressed, and trying to figure out where money will come from. However, God is a faithful father and didn't let us down. 

We have wonderful friends and parents that support and love us. We thank so much our friends that let us borrow their cars or gave us rides places. And we are SO grateful for our parents making phone calls, knowing people that can help us, for generously donating money, and for letting us use their car temporarily. We have the best people in our lives. Even though it was hard, we were never not taken care of through this tough month. 

We thought losing Andrew's car taught us about faith and gratitude. HAH! We had no idea what God had in store for us. But He definitely took care of us.

Now lets forget about the bad and talk about the good things that happened in this month.

1. It's without a doubt Fall outside! My favorite season of the year. I went out for a walk and picked some colorful leaves to frame. These are just a few of the gorgeous finds I made outside our condo.

2. We've been absolutely loving our CSA produce baskets we get every week! I never want to go back to grocery store produce. Farm fresh is the way to go! These are just a few items from the basket we picked up today. 

The trend has been eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, radishes, and all sorts of greens. This week we got a GIANT sweet potato (not pictured here), fresh garlic, lettuce, and chard (that's what's in the bag). I've found that I LOVE radishes. Simply sauteed with their leaf greens. So simple and yummy. And of course the tomatoes are to die for.

3. I got a letter from my dear friend Lisa. She moved to London back in August and I miss her terribly. It was so nice to hear from her and it was a great encouragement in the midst of all the discouragement.

4. I had an awesome thrift store find to go in our home. I am never able to get out of the house except for school and church with Andrew needing the car every day for work, but one morning I had "car freedom" for 2 hours. 2 HOURS! I can not tell you how excited I was. So with my two hours I went.....thrifting!

$5 dollars. This shelf made my 2 hours of the month worth it. 

(That's our guest book on the wall and one of these days I'll get it framed.) Along with gaining a new shelf to set up in our house...I was able to unpack 4 boxes that same day.

Still got this much to go....

5. My birthday! I'm a mere 23 years old now. My birthday was the 27th but since it feel on the first day of Fall break for school. I decided to "celebrate" my birth this extended weekend. :) Since Andrew and I are on this  spoiled "we only eat farm fresh foods" kick, we went to dinner at Farm 255. DELICIOUS!

And I got some fun gifts that I've been wanting for a long time. 

[And a rain jacket :)]
These running shoes have the Nike + feature so it will record my distances and help me train for any future races. So legit.

So in summary of this long month and this long post, the month of October has shown us how blessed we are.  Blessed more than we will ever know. 

Sorry for such a long post! Had to make up for not posting anything all month. Love you all.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Friday

You know that feeling when you've been working on something important for weeks? Stressing over it and spending hours upon hours preparing for that something? And then it ends? You finish and you don't have to worry about it any more? Well that finished feeling feels a little something like this....

....a nice long sip of your favorite coffee as you soak in the pleasant aroma. This morning, I woke up and was able to drink my coffee for pleasure. Not because I needed it. But because I wanted it. Turned in the last of my multiple major projects that I've had looming over me for the last month. Sure I have more to come, but I have a few days to soak in this feeling of relaxation.

This will be the first weekend since the beginning of September that I don't have to spend any of my weekend working on school work. It feels so good! So this weekend, Andrew and I are going to Helen, GA with some friends of ours. Oktoberfest is going on right now. I've never been during the festivities so it will be an interesting experience. I'm just excited to enjoy a fall day outside.

Other ideas for enjoying this fall:
Pumpkin and apple picking
Carve (or paint) a pumpkin
Bake a pie from scratch (using picked apple)
Preserve leaves as they change colors in a frame. hang up for decoration or give as gifts
Go for a walk with someone you love
Make homemade apple cider
How do you like to enjoy the fall season?

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend! Happy Friday.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

CSA members :)

Last night, Andrew and I signed up for our first round of CSA boxes. We found out about them several weeks back but thought they all ended in September.  But my amazing husband did his computer thing and found the Roots Farm in Athens is doing a special fall CSA box for the months of October and November! YAY!

If you don't know what CSA is...check it out!! You pay a reasonable fee to a local farm in your area and they'll provide you with a generous amount of their fresh produce every week. Most run from April-September. Every week you get a new variety. With the season we are in we'll be getting fall and winter veggies but when we do the April-September session we'll get everything you can think of.

On their blog, they posted the produce for us to expect when we pick up our box this week. 

This Week:
All kinds of varieties of 

-Summer Squash

I can't wait!!

I'm not even going to know how to cook with some of that food. Good thing they give you recipes along with the produce. :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Tofu Tacos

Tacos. You can't go wrong with tacos. They are the Mexican comfort food of Americans. At least in our household they are. We had tacos 4 days ago for dinner and tonight we wanted them again. But all we had in the fridge was tofu. I've never worked with tofu. So we gave it a shot. 

Tofu tacos. More like disgusting tacos. 

Soggy. Didn't hold any of the flavors. None even made it to Andrew's plate. I at least gave it a shot. 

Good thing I keep a constant supply of black beans and yummy veggies. Tofuless Nachos was on the menu for tonight. 

Dinner failure #1. Two months and four days in and we have our first dinner failure. I think our cooking percentage is pretty awesome. Lesson learned....tacos are only meant for carnivores.

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