Tuesday, October 4, 2011

CSA members :)

Last night, Andrew and I signed up for our first round of CSA boxes. We found out about them several weeks back but thought they all ended in September.  But my amazing husband did his computer thing and found the Roots Farm in Athens is doing a special fall CSA box for the months of October and November! YAY!

If you don't know what CSA is...check it out!! You pay a reasonable fee to a local farm in your area and they'll provide you with a generous amount of their fresh produce every week. Most run from April-September. Every week you get a new variety. With the season we are in we'll be getting fall and winter veggies but when we do the April-September session we'll get everything you can think of.

On their blog, they posted the produce for us to expect when we pick up our box this week. 

This Week:
All kinds of varieties of 

-Summer Squash

I can't wait!!

I'm not even going to know how to cook with some of that food. Good thing they give you recipes along with the produce. :)


  1. in st louis, i know there are a lot of people that do this for chicken and eggs. it's pretty cheap and you get organic chicken and eggs! (and of course there are veggie farms tooooooo)

    such a magical concept to do community based anything! :)

  2. Andrew searched everywhere for a meat farm near us haha. If we lived in St. Louis (near you of course) he'd want to do the chicken/egg thing immediately. maybe one day we'll live in an area where the local farms will become our grocery store.

  3. FromtheothersideoftheAtlanticOctober 8, 2011 at 6:21 AM

    For some reason this makes me really excited for you. Must be the ecologist in me or something :)


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