Thursday, March 8, 2012


Yesterday, my wonderful Great-Grandfather, George Figg, turned a whopping 100 years old!!

isn't he a cutie!

Tomorrow we will be caravanning up to Indiana with my parents, siblings, and their significant others. My relatives are traveling from all over the country to be with him this weekend. I'm so excited to see everyone and for Andrew to meet Great-Grandpa. 

Any ideas for gifts to give someone who is turning 100??

Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekly Update

Once you grow up, does life ever seem to slow down again?

That's the question on our mind these days. We feel like we haven't had a day (or even a minute) to just breathe. 

On a good note, however, we've had a pretty fun week looking back on it. (I so easily forget the good things in the hustle and bustle of life) We got a new dishwasher!

This is how it started...TJ was teaching Andrew for future knowledge.

But after 5 minutes....this was how the dishwasher
was replaced.

How do people survive without a dishwasher!? We were without a working washer for 2 weeks. I don't understand how some people do it. Just another thing I'm now truly grateful for. Just like the car. :)

Jaxon came for another visit. It wasn't as luxurious and fun for him like last time though. Kyzer wanted to eat his tail the whole weekend. He thought he was a giant fluffy toy.

A rare loving moment between the two of them. They
ended up taking a nap together. :)

But in reality...this is what it was like...

We had friends over to play a super fun game of Quelf. 

Play this game with good friends cause you might get caught having to stick your finger up your nose and yodel until you role three 2's (ehm, Andrew).

Kyzer learned how to pick up a frisbee.

And how to catch his ball in his mouth when we toss it.

The weather has been off-and-on beautiful here. Sunny and so warm I've had to switch to shorts mid afternoon. Earlier this week, it was one of those days so Kyzer and I enjoyed a "peaceful" afternoon with the windows open.

(By peaceful I mean Kyzer nibbled on a bone and napped while I worked on school stuff for 4 hours straight.) 

This weekend we get to play our second round at being hosts! Friends of ours, Stephen and Alise, are coming to stay with us Saturday night. I'm so grateful to have a second bedroom so we can offer our home. What a joy.

And lastly....7 days to Spring Break '12! Our last one ever!

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