Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekend Visitor

The clocks have gone back and the sun is now going down as I am leaving my class at 4:30 pm. How depressing. Because of the change, Andrew and I have been going to be earlier and waking up earlier. Following the sun's lead I guess. And I'm not ashamed to say that I'm enjoying going to bed earlier. I feel much happier and more productive with a nice relaxing morning instead of rushing to get to where we need to be going.  

Things have been happy here in the Chase household. School has been going exceptionally well for the both of us (besides the fact that we are both dying to be done!) and Andrew is loving his job. And when Andrew's happy....we are all happy. :) A lot of opportunities have been coming up in the past week for future jobs for him. Almost everyday he's getting new phone calls and emails with potential offerings. He's so encouraged that people are seeking him out.

We are both playing flag football with our friends. He with the guys and me with the girls. We are practicing for a tournament that will be in January. This is the first year for the girls bracket. So excited!!

This weekend we had a fun visitor staying with us. 

This guy....

Please excuse my sleepiness. But he's just adorable. Mom and Dad went out town so Jaxon came to live the college life for a weekend.

But the poor guy was so homesick the whole time :( 

He kept waiting by the door and he hardly touched his food all weekend. But despite being homesick, Jaxon still managed to sneak in some mischievousness. 

And by the end of the weekend....

He was a pooped pup.

And we admit....we miss him. It hasn't been the same coming home to an empty house. No furry friend to greet us anymore. One day we will have one our own! :)

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we are more than eager to see family. I haven't seen Andrew's mom since the wedding. We will be doing some traveling to see both sides of the family.  Africa is getting closer! 42 days and counting until we leave. 

Well....sorry so brief. Have a good week and thanks for listening!

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