Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Changing Identities

Yesterday was a special day for me. 3 years ago, I was baptized into Christ. The greatest decision I have and will ever make in my entire life. It was such a beautiful day to reflect on where God has brought me from. It's funny because where Mr. Hubby and I live now is where I lived when I made that decision to become a disciple. It was really cool being back in the same home. I reflected about the night of the baptism and how I stayed up super late to write in a journal everything that had happened to me that day. That way I could always read back to remember what I was thinking and feeling in that special moment.  I had forgotten I had done that until I was sitting on the same couch in the same spot in which I wrote it. 
God is such an amazing God at helping us remember the little things that He knows will inspire us. 

It was that decision that helped lead me to the other really special moment I had yesterday. I officially/legally changed my last name! My whole friendship, relationship, and marriage would be none existent if it wasn't for Christ and his merciful heart for not only me but also Mr. Hubby. It was just so cool to me to be able to change my identity again on the same day just 3 years difference. The parallel is amazing to me and makes me so grateful to God.

So now I really need to get practicing on my new signature! I had to sign something today with my new last name and it looks super awkward! Oh well. I have 60+ years to get it perfect. 

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