Sunday, August 21, 2011

Welcome Home

Well, getting/being married is pretty much the best thing God ever created. One of the many gives you a good excuse to treat yourself and go on a once and a lifetime vacation.  And I might say that ours was pretty legit. See below.

However, along with all the fun comes some dirty work. See below.

This was our apartment upon coming back home. MOVING IS SO NOT FUN. "But you're moving in with your new husband so it's a fun move," you might say. HUSH. MOVING IS NOT FUN. No matter the circumstances. Thankfully the mess has been contained to the spare bedroom and it's starting to feel like our home. And it's so nice to call it OUR home! 

Here are some more exciting things we came home to after a beautiful, luxurious Alaska.

 Sooooo apparently the sensor for our ice maker is broken. And well.....we were gone for 11 days. 

 And we have enough booze to last us til our 10th anniversary. Welcome home and happy marriage!

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